Our publications focus on questions and services regarding collecting, conserving and passing on art.

Our handbook «Sammeln & Bewahren. Das Handbuch zur Kunststiftung» [Collecting and Preserving. A handbook for art foundations.] (Franz-Josef Sladeczek, Andreas Müller, Benteli Verlag 2009) is soon to be followed by another monograph:

In collaboration with Sandra Sykora, attorney and art historian, «After Collecting. Ein Praxisleitfaden für den Kunstnachlass» [a practical guide for an art collection inheritance] (Verlag rüffer & rub, autumn 2013). The book focuses on topics such as tax issues, estate documentation, appraisal and archiving.

The book is intended for all interested in questions regarding the future preservation or passing on of art works or collections: artists and collectors, testators and heirs, estate executors and trustees, bankers and fiduciaries, art organizations and foundations, auction houses and galleries as well as museums.

Specialized articles about collections, foundations and estates: